4 Christmas Road Safety Tips for Every Loughborough Taxi Driver

Christmas is a time that is best spent with the loved ones. Therefore you should make sure that you are travelling on the right path prior to hitting the road. There are quite a good number of road fatalities that are reported during the festive season. That is why here a few tips that are to be followed by all the Loughborough Taxi drivers during Christmas for their safety on the road.

Remember the Drinks from the Night Before :–

You are still labelled a drunken driver if you drive under the influence of alcohol the next morning after the Christmas work party. Though you may think that you are fine, probably you are not. If you are stopped to breathalyze, you will be found over the limit. That is why it is advisable that you avoid driving Loughborough Taxi on the next morning after Christmas party in order to prevent such mishaps.

Keep a Check on Your Tyre Treads :-

Do you remember the last time you checked on the tyre treads. It is quite a common practice to overlook them because there are no warning signs for them on the dashboard. To be legal, you should just ensure that your tires have a tread depth of 1.4 mm or more. Tyre wear can increase due to incorrect pressure. That is why you should regularly check them especially prior to going for a long drive.

Keep a Safe Distance :–

Do you know that about 40 % of the crashes are rear-ended? Frustrated drivers are automatically available with busy roads. You should understand that you will not get the there any further by tailgating. As soon as you start feeling annoyed about the traffic ahead just take a deep breath and keep a safe distance from the car ahead. People rely on cheap taxis in Loughborough as a safe medium of transport, and that is why it is your responsibility to maintain a distance of at least 2 or 4 seconds.

Grab Some Sleep :–

This is one of the busiest times of the year full of Christmas parties, family gatherings and trips. So you may feel fatigued, and it is quite dangerous to be behind the wheels at that time. Your eyes may close for a few seconds, and that can turn out to be fatal for you. This is called “micro-sleep”. Signs of fatigue include yawning, squinting, frequent blinking and wandering in a daze. So if you are facing any one of such symptoms, it is better to take the day off and grab some sleep. The above are some of the precautionary measures that as a responsible Loughborough taxi cab driver you should practice especially during Christmas to ensure a safe drive for your passengers and yourself.

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