Will People Still Use Taxis For Transportation In The Future?

Will taxis be used in the future? To some degree they likely will be, especially in the near future. Cabs still operate in many major cities throughout the US and the UK. In some countries, cabs are still all that’s available, with the exception of hiring a private driver or tour guide. I was just talking to a couple who had visited Puerto Rico, a US territory, and they found out there was only one Lyft driver on the entire island.

That said, Lyft and Uber are certainly taking over the transportation industry niche that cabs once dominated. However, in London, Uber was feeling the heat until the middle of last year, when a judge overturned the ban on Uber within city limits. It’s easy to see why the change must be governed to a degree because you’re talking about an industry shift that affects so many people’s lives. Here at Kaycabs we provide comfortable taxi experience.


I drive for both Lyft and Uber along with my first job. Let me just say that I feel sorry for the cab drivers. I was once a rider with them, and I was also a rider with Uber. I remember cab drivers telling me how business was slow and some companies were shutting down. It makes you sad in a way, knowing that is happening to people due to technological trends.

At the same time, I am thankful for the opportunity that has come up for me because of it really helping me to build my income and take the pressure off of my writing. Not only does it take the pressure off, but it helps me to explore more opportunities for growth as a writer. The way I see it, God is orchestrating everything, and He has our backs.

Taxi drivers are going to continue to thin out over time, especially in certain parts of the world like the US and the UK. This Uber and Lyft trend isn’t going to reverse itself. It will continue to grow and meet the demands of populations who are looking for reliable transportation.

It’s hard to say how long taxis will be around, particularly in certain countries where they are still the norm. And of course you can see that courts in some areas of the world are trying to hold Lyft and Uber accountable for such drastic changes in the industry. It’s no one’s fault of course. And I truly believe the courts know that and are just trying to slow things down to make the changes more palatable.

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