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Airport Shuttle Taxi Service

For passengers travelling to and from major and regional UK airports, flying is usually the most straightforward part. More challenging is the thought of how to get to or from the airport.

Should you travel by crowded bus or rail and risk unreliable and inconvenient timings and a stressful journey. Imagine that in the early hours. Alternatively, should you drive yourself in your own car to the airport? if so then sky-high parking fees are waiting for you – assuming you can find a space.

The easiest and least stressful way to travel to UK airports (and especially those in the region) is by a Loughborough airport taxi provided by Kaycabs airport shuttle service. We are a specialist airport transfer taxi service with many years of experience in this type of private transfer – at any time, night or day.

The Loughborough airport shuttle service from Kaycabs is the most relaxing and least-hassle way to ensure you are picked up on time and delivered to the terminal of your choice. In plenty of time for your flight. There are many reasons to travel to your airport with Kaycabs. For example:

Our Passengers Can Use Their Travel Time For Other Things

Whether travelling personally or professionally there are several ways you can make better use of your time than fighting through traffic jams in your car. We manage the journey while you, free of keeping an eye on the road, can relax or get on with some work if needed. Use your time efficiently without worry or navigation concerns.

Our Passengers Arrive At The Airport Stress-Free

By removing the worry of the trip, our experienced airport cab drivers ensure you arrive at the airport or you’re home from the airport stress-free. Whether facing a trip or returning from one, this stage of your journey should be nothing other than comfortable and relaxing. Avoid stress, road rage and irritation with these airport transfers.

Our Passengers Have No Need To Park At The Airport

By delivering you straight to your terminal, our friendly drivers spare you the experience of trying to park your car (with high cost for the pleasure), along with everyone else. of course, we can also arrange to collect you from arrivals on your return journey as well. Trouble-free airport road travel there and back.

We are the 24/7 airport transport firm that smart travellers can rely on. They know that we collect them and take them to their airport or home destination on time and in comfort. Our customers don’t have to think about buses, trains, parking their car, high charges and fighting for that elusive space! They know they and their luggage will be delivered to the kerbside on time – right where they need to be.

Why not contact our team today for cost information and to answer any questions you may have.

We offer relaxed 24/7 travel by appointment to the following UK airports:

Regional Airports

East Midlands Airport: Taxi, Loughborough to East Midlands airport. Approximate driving time 15 mins to 25 Mins (traffic dependent, Loughborough pickup).

Birmingham Airport: Taxi, Loughborough to Birmingham airport. Approximate driving time 1 Hour 5 mins to 1 Hour 20 Mins (traffic dependent, Loughborough pickup).

Major UK Airports

Heathrow Airport: Taxi, Loughborough to Heathrow. Approximate driving time 2 Hours 30 mins to 2 Hours 50 mins (traffic dependent, Loughborough pickup).

Gatwick Airport: Taxi, Loughborough to Gatwick. Approximate driving time 3 hours 10 mins to 3 hours 40 mins (traffic dependent,

Although we specialise in the airport trips above we can also provide a taxi or minibus to drive you or a group to many of the other major UK airports (Stanstead, Luton and Manchester for example). Contact us for our rates for single or return journeys to/from these locations.

Call 01509 437164 or contact us and book your airport transfer today.

Image of East Midlands Airport terminal. Straightforward journey bysing Kaycabs Loughborough airport taxi service
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