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Hire A Minicab For Groups

Sometimes you find you just need a bigger vehicle! When it comes to moving larger parties to events and a taxicab just won’t do!

Kaycabs specialises in transporting groups from home to events, office to events, station to events or airport to events.  For larger parties, we use our 8-seater minibus taxi. This vehicle can accommodate up to 8 passengers in comfort and transport them to and from their destination.

Kaycabs 8-seater minibus cab

We are experienced in carrying larger groups to events, for example:

Corporate events – if you have an office event, training event or client hospitality planned, then our minibus taxi may well be just the job. We can be booked for one-off events or are happy to work with clients as part of a corporate contract.

Sports events – with Loughborough such a sporting town is not hard to see that there is a large lead transporting parties to sporting occasions. We know the main sporting venues in and around Loughborough and how to deliver passengers comfortably and directly to those locations. We can also be pre-booked to collect them at the end of course!

Stag and Hen nights – if you’re planning a night out with a prospective bride or groom then transportation is not something you want to be worried about. Our experienced minibus taxi drivers are very used to taking parties both to and from their special night. Why not ask about our very attractive rates for these events?

Community Group Days Out: organising a community group day out can be challenging itself and you certainly need reliable and friendly transport. We are a popular choice with local community groups and have worked with many in transporting their members on visits and outside events. Find out more about our community group experience by contacting us.

You may have a bespoke need to transport your party to and from or even between Loughborough locations. We are happy to discuss your requirements.

For smaller parties of 2-4 passengers, try our professional door-to-door taxi cab service.


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