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Loughborough is a big sporting town and Golf is amongst the most popular sports with the people who live here. While there are several courses in the area, Charnwood Forest is a particularly beautiful course.

When Did Charnwood Forest Golf Club Open?

The course has been present since 1890 and has enjoyed an excellent reputation over the years. The owners of the club are passionate about maintaining its quality and they have done well so far! They are also working with other clubs in nearby areas like Loughborough College GC & Spurlock Brook Park GC which is really nice because people who love playing golf get more options without having to travel too far.

What Can You Expect When You Visit This Course?

Every hole at Charnwood Forest Golf Club, is designed with a different par so you can enjoy the uniqueness of each one. It has an open feel throughout most of its 18 holes which make it perfect for golfing enthusiasts who want a challenge or those that have limited time available.

The course has some challenging holes but there are also some easier ones too. The courses length and difficulty level make it a good option for everyone who loves golf!

Weather Conditions

There’s not usually much rain in this area because the weather conditions on average throughout the year don’t stay wet for long periods of time.

Course Length

This course is very well established with uphill shots to play against gravity as you approach your target! It will take you approximately 60 minutes to complete 18 holes at Charnwood Forest Golf Club! The distance is measured at 6125 yards for male players and 5435 yards for female golfers.

Best Time To Play

Probably the best time to visit would be during April – September (peak season). This will provide dry weather conditions for you to play this course in and see the beautiful English countryside!

The Club House

The clubhouse offers members as well as visitors excellent facilities along with good food and drink options. There are two restaurants – one being more formal than the other- three bars, short stay car parking

What Is The Dress Code At Charnwood Forest?

The dress code has become more relaxed in recent years, but it is still advisable to dress appropriately and leave the golf course looking smart. For men, that means wearing long trousers and a collared shirt. You are allowed to wear shorts for ladies if you tie them up or else they should be of similar length as your skirt

What memberships Are Available At Charnwood Forest?

There is a range of membership packages available At present these are:


Are Golf Lessons Available At Charnwood Forest?

Although they don’t have a resident professional player, the club does have the services of two professionals who are part of the club in other roles. Charnwood Forest offers golf lessons for both ladies and men.

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