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A visitor to Loughborough has a rich selection of local and historic places to see. However, many Loughborough residents are also frequent users of Kaycabs Loughborough Taxis and travel with them for numerous types of journeys in and around the town.

There are lots of different reasons why people choose to take taxis instead of buses or trains. Some people prefer the convenience of being able to get where they want to go quickly and easily. Others enjoy the freedom of being able to explore at their own pace. For local visits using a taxi can be a great time and money-saving option. Visits to the hospital, the theatre, shopping or to see friends are all common uses for Loughborough taxis. However, there are also many other types of trips that can be made by a Kaycabs local taxi and not all are obvious to taxi users.

Based on a recent passenger survey by Loughborough taxi firm Kaycabs, here are five lesser-known trips that you can make by taxi in Loughborough and the surrounding area.

1. Take Your Pet Animal To The Vet By Taxi

If a pet is ill or injured, it’s important to get it to its vet as soon as possible. However, if the animal has been taken into care, then there may be restrictions on where it can go for treatment. A Kaycabs Loughborough taxi can take an owner and pet to a nearby veterinary clinic or care centre. Alternatively, a taxi can be hired to drop off or collect a pet from a veterinary clinic. In either case, the ever-present question and worry of where to park is avoided.

2. Go On A Fishing Trip By Taxi

Fishing trips have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Whether an angler wants to fish with family or friends, or just enjoy some time away from work, a trip out fishing will provide hours of fun and relaxation. Hiring a taxi to deliver an angler to a favourite lake or river and then collect later is a good move. Not only will the journey with tackle be more comfortable, but it is also very possible a taxi driver may be able to recommend a good fishing spot and then take the angler there.  Hiring a taxi to travel to and from a fishing spot saves time, may save money and parking will not be required.

Local Area Nanpantan Fishery

3. Get Money At Cashpoints By Taxi

Most banks now offer ATMs that allow customers to withdraw cash without needing to queue. These machines usually accept debit cards and credit cards so there is little reason to use a Loughborough bank branch. Instead, a Loughborough resident can hire a taxi to drive them to one of these ATM locations where they can carry out any necessary transactions. This is especially true if an ATM is some distance away or there is a need to collect money after dark. An ATM may be nearby but if not, hiring a Kaycabs Loughborough Taxi for the journey is an option.

4. Explore Walking Trails By Taxi

Walking trails are becoming increasingly popular among Loughborough locals who wish to exercise outdoors. There are many popular walking trails around the local area and countryside. Many of these paths follow rivers, lakes and historic landmarks. They often pass through beautiful countryside and offer stunning views. Beacon Hill Country Park is one such popular walking and rambling destination, popular with hardier walkers and those who like to climb. There are other popular walking routes in the countryside around Loughborough.

For walkers, hiring a taxi to drop off and collect is a useful option. A walker will not need to retrace their path to return to a car. Instead, a taxi can deliver a walker or walking party and collect them at their destination when the walk is finished. This allows complete walking freedom and, of course, a knowledgable local Kaycabs taxi driver will be able to recommend popular walking trails that a walker may not have tried.

5. Visit Loughborough University (Or Catch A Taxi As A Student)

Loughborough University is a well-known, top ten UK university located in Loughborough. Especially well known for its speciality of sports sciences, the university has a large campus and grounds with a large student population.  A visit to this historic institution by taxi is a popular trip with campus tours and open days held regularly (many are suspended during the COVID pandemic). For students considering Loughborough University, this is a popular, if less well-known trip. For current students, a local, cheap taxi is a great way to get from the university to Loughborough town centre for relaxation and leisure.

Kaycabs Cab at Loughborough University

Kaycabs Loughborough Taxis

A local taxi firm is an essential service, transporting passengers and parties by car or minibus taxi to many different destinations.  However, many passengers fail to realise just how useful a taxi service can be.