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Loughborough may not be the typical tourist attraction hub, but it still has a lot to offer. From good food to wine, a rich history, and natural sceneries, the list is endless. Of them all, here are the 4 most iconic sites that all travellers have on their bucket list when visiting Loughborough.

Top of the list is Queens Park. It is one of the features in Loughborough that just stands out. Why? — Because it has everything for everyone. The park has a playground, swan maze, bandstand, bowling green, and main grounds for people to relax. Better yet, the Charnwood museum and Carillion tower stand here. How about ticking three boxes with one?

The Carillion tower is a 46-meter building that was built after the first world war as a memorial to the fallen. It has 47 bells that are played on Thursday and Sunday afternoons during summer. On the other hand, the Charnwood museum features a diverse array of exhibits that reflect the history of Loughborough. From the media presentations to the 4,000-year-old burial of the Cossington Boy and volcanic rocks, it is rich.

From Queens Park and its richness, comes the second iconic attraction, the Great Central Railway (GCR). It is the only mainline steam railway in the UK with a double-track so has to be on every visitor’s bucket list. Anyone who’d like to take a trip back to history, when steam ruled the rails will be glad to see 2 full-sized steam engines passing each other.

The train services are available every weekend all year round, as well as weekdays in the summer. In the first-class cars, 5-course delicacies are offered as people traverse the town to Leicester. Event lovers will also be glad to know that the service runs different events like the 1940s Wartime Weekend, Bonfire Night, Peppa Pig, and steam galas.

Next is Loughborough Market. Since Loughborough began as a market town, its market is vibrant and lively. It is open on Thursdays and Sundays from 8 in the morning to 4.30 in the evening. Here, people can purchase anything and everything in more than a hundred stalls. Souvenirs, Chocolate, Food, Luxury goods, name it and find it!

Last but least is the iconic Loughborough Town Hall. It is was built in 1855 and began as a ballroom and trades place for corn exchange. Unlike normal town halls, this one is a show-stopper, not just because of its architecture but because of the activities held here. Weddings, concerts, parties, plays, it is an entertainment hub, the life of the town. Famous stand-up comedies and kids’ matinees like Teletubbies are popular events here.

With these 4 iconic attractions, one can enjoy some of the best that Loughborough has to offer. Other notable attractions include the Walton Brook Vineyard, Whatton House & Gardens, All Saints Church, Stoneywell, and Swithland Reservoir among others.

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons