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A recent passenger survey showed just how many different types of journeys are made by taxi in and around the town of Loughborough. Many passengers don’t realise how often a taxi is a solution to a stress-free travel experience. There are many different types of journeys that a taxi cab can take. Here are 8 examples of popular taxi journeys made by Loughborough passengers.

1. Airport Transfer Service

There are several regional airports around Loughborough (East Midlands and Birmingham) but the town is also within reach of major UK international airports such as Luton, Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick. For travellers arriving from a flight, but it can be a little daunting when emerging from arrivals. Getting home, to a hotel or to another airport can involve careful planning. Equally, for passengers looking to depart, the journey to the airport must be reliable and completed in good time. For passengers, placing themselves in the hands of Kaycabs Loughborough Taxis airport shuttle service removes the stress of reaching a destination on time. Taking a taxi cab to or from the airport cuts the hassle tremendously.

 2. Shopping Taxi trip

In Loughborough, there are several shopping centres which offer everything from high street shops to designer boutiques. It’s a very eclectic mix. The town centre is also home to a number of independent retailers and specialist stores including the famous Loughborough Market where shoppers can find local produce as well as some great food options. If a shopper wants something more upmarket then they should head over to the nearby Westgate Shopping Centre or the Lakeside Retail Park on the outskirts of the city.

Wherever a shopper chooses to shop in Loughborough, the convenience of a taxi will make the experience less hassle and there’s no need to worry about parking.

3. Train Station by Taxi

Loughborough Station off Nottingham Road is a hub for commuters travelling to Leicester Sheffield Nottingham and London St Pancras (among others). At times the station is quite busy and parking is not easy or guaranteed. Getting to and from the train station (especially in an unfamiliar town) can be a little stressful. Especially late at night. These are some of the reasons that getting a pickup from the station were delivered to it is one of the popular types of journey customers make with Kaycabs Loughborough Taxis. With very affordable rates and available 24/7, this is the easy option to get a train or get from the train to home or hotel.

4. Theatre and Cinema Trips

Going to the theatre at Loughborough town hall or a local cinema is a popular pastime both during the day and, especially, in the evening and at weekends. These locations can get quite busy and parking can be tough. Travelling through rush-hour traffic is a particularly daunting experience for an early movie or theatre performance. Booking a taxi to travel both to and from a cinema or theatre can relieve stress and anxiety. Theatre and cinema-goers can be delivered to the front door and also collected from the same location at the end of the show. (after a little hospitality if wanted).

5. City Journeys by Taxi

Nottingham, Leicester and Derby are major cities near Loughborough and popular destinations for Loughborough locals to travel to. The challenge of the drive together with parking in the city persuades many travellers to opt for a taxi. Kaycab’s Loughborough taxis is a firm that is very used to making these longer journeys at all times of the day and night. Travellers can rest assured that their journey to the bright lights will be a lot more straightforward in the hands of the taxi driver.

6. Trip to the Pub

Enjoying a good night out at the pub is a traditional pastime and Loughborough is lucky enough to have many fine pubs and inns available. Enjoying a pint with mates is one of the weekends’ pleasures but driving home after a few beers or spirits is most definitely not. Whether meeting friends at the pub or travelling for a drink as part of the group night out, booking a Kaycabs Loughborough Taxi cab is a very good move. Getting delivered to your favourite pub or inn and being collected at the end of the night removes the worry and ensures a great time can be had.

7. Nightclub Travel by Taxi

Like a pub trip, booking a Kaycabs Loughborough taxi for a nightclub visit is a very popular move with passengers. For a passenger or group to know they can be collected and taken home at any time of the night is very reassuring and taxi passengers have said an evening at a nightclub goes more smoothly ever taxis waiting to take them home.

8. Sightseeing by Taxi

For a visitor to Loughborough, there is no better way of visiting the sights of the city. With a knowledgeable driver and the ability to travel around the city worry-free, sightseeing trips are very popular with taxi passengers. Kaycabs Loughborough Taxi cabs are available for hire by the hour and are a great way to see the town.

Final Thoughts

There are a surprising number of trips where a taxi can make the journey more pleasurable, less hassle and reliable. Kaycabs rivers are experienced in all these trips, day or night. Enjoy a stress-free Loughborough journey with Kaycabs Loughborough Taxis.