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The town is a famous centre for a multitude of sports and sports science. As a result, there is a good selection of sports venues covering many different areas and interests. From The university athletic ground to Carillon sports ground and public sports facilities. If you are a resident or visiting the town and there is a local sports event happening then it will likely be at one of these public venues.

Loughborough University sport ground

Top of the list when it comes to sports venues is the Loughborough University Stadium. Since the university is one of the most notable features in Loughborough, it’s natural that its stadium is head of the line. It was opened in 2012 and has 6 high-level performance grass pitches. As such, it has all the facilities one would imagine in a top-tier stadium.

First are the seats and standing terraced areas that can hold over 3000 people. Second, are the extensive changing rooms. Third, the 500 lux floodlights, and many others. The distinguished stadium has hosted showcase games against Premier League teams, BUCS Super Rugby Showcase games, Under-17 UEFA European Championships, and many more.

Park Road sports ground

It is located on Park Road, just a walking distance from the town centre of Loughborough.

The sports ground offer the following facilities:

  • 1 netball court
  • The bowling green
  • 6 tennis courts

There is an hourly fee charged for using the netball court, which, at the time of writing, is:

  • £6.60 for a concessionary
  • £13.20 full price

The bowling green is only accessible to the Granby Bowling Club. The tennis court is accessible to the general public to use for free.

Derby Road playing ground

It is situated at Loughborough off the Cotton Way.

At the field you will find:

  • Two cricket wickets
  • Three mini football pitches
  • Five full–size football pitches
  • Three junior football pitches.

One incurs the following charges to use the ground:

  • 60 pounds for adults with access to changing facilities
  • 30 pounds for juniors with access to changing facilities.

This playing field is in use mostly on Saturdays and Sundays by the Junior Football Clubs, League Cricket Clubs, and League Football Clubs.
Members of the public also use the playing field for friendly cricket and football matches. Leicestershire Model Flying Club also uses this playing field.

Charnwood Water

This venue is located off Tuckers Road. It covers an area of 27.12 acres. You are required to purchase a ticket to fish at Charnwood Water. Thereafter, you present the ticket to a Water Bailiff.

The tickets are available as day tickets and seasoned tickets as listed below:

Day tickets:

  • £6.20 per rod per adult.
  • £3.10 per rod per concessionary.

Season tickets are available at the following prices:

  • £63 per adult.
  • £31.50 per concessionary.

This sports facility is used by the general public for leisure purposes. It has accessible toilets and a car park.

Nanpantan sports ground

This sports ground is located in Loughborough at Watermead Lane. At the field you will find:

  • Three cricket pitches.
  • Three full–size football pitches.
  • Three mini football pitches.
  • Tennis courts.

To use this sports ground, you will have to pay the following charges at the time of writing:

  • £30 for juniors with access to changing facilities.
  • £60 for adults with access to changing facilities.

If you require a training session you will be charged the following:

  • £14.50 for juniors.
  • £29 for adults.

For the rounders’ pitches, only group booking is allowed at the following charges:

  • £22 for concessionary.
  • £44 for adults.

For the tennis courts, you will incur an hourly charge of:

  • £4 for concessionary.
  • £8 for an adult.

On Saturdays and Sundays, the field is used by: League Cricket Clubs, League football clubs, and junior football clubs.
The Brush Bowling Club also uses this facility.

Lodge Farm playing grounds

Located off Oakley Drive, Loughborough, the field has 3 full – size football pitches. To use this playing field you will have to pay as follows:

  • £30 pounds for juniors with access to changing facilities.
  • £60 pounds for adults with access to changing facilities.

The field is used heavily on Saturdays and Sundays by the local league Football Clubs.

As you can see, we are well blessed with sports arenas and public spaces.

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