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Many people don’t know that Loughborough is a great place to go shopping. There are many different stores in the area with something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for clothes, furniture, or jewellery we have it all! We also offer many other services including restaurants and entertainment venues so there’s always something to do when you visit.

Loughborough is a town blessed with many good quality shopping centres and boutique areas to suit most interests and pockets. Among the popular locations are Willowbrook Retail Park, Carillon  Court shopping centre, The Beaumont Shopping Centre and The Emporium.

Whether a resident of the town or a visitor, Loughborough is a popular shopping choice and experience. The town is blessed with most of the big names represented along with a mixed and varied selection of boutiques and markets. Carillon Court is the place where most of the well-known and larger brands can be found.

However, a very enjoyable part of the Loughborough shopping experience is the head off into the side streets and see what you can find. Here you will encounter the town’s more exotic boutiques, gift shopping café’s and restaurants. Some recommended market areas to visit include:

Loughborough’s Farmers Market – a magnet for farming produce producers from across the Midlands counties. You can find a wide selection of organic and craft food and drink. Very well worth a visit.

Loughborough Retail Market – a winner of several awards, this location and Loughborough is very popular and has been around for over 800 years. The shopping experience here oozes character and charm. This is also, perhaps, one of the most colourful shopping areas in the town with a wide range of market stalls selling food products, fresh produce, clothing and domestic products. Well worth a ramble and don’t be surprised if you find that certain something that you can’t resist!

Loughborough Vintage Market – an interesting location offering a wide range of eclectic goods. This is where you will find your historical goods such as antiques, original books and other collector’s items with a historic feel. Note that if you wish you may also be able to sell unwanted possessions here.

beyond the markets, you may well also want to visit some of the popular visitor shopping experiences. For example, Chocolate Alchemy, That’s really Crafty and The Green Place. All interesting shops and popular with visitors.

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